Regis University Library - Departments

Key Services

The Digital Initiatives and Preservation Department is responsible for:

  • Archives
  • Special Collections
  • Develops and maintains the library's collection of DVD, Blu-ray, and audio programs, as well as streaming media
  • Develops and creates digital projects and images for the library's collections
  • Produces and captures live content for the library's collections
  • Administer to and maintain the library's digital repositories that collect, preserve, and provide access to the scholarly works of the Regis University academic community
  • Maintain web content for the library, including administering to LibGuides

Services to the University

Members of the Digital Initiatives and Preservation department serve on a variety of university and library committees, including the Regis University Academic Council, REM, Library Web Committee, and the Library Rank & Promotion Committee.

Contact Information

Erin McCaffrey
Digital Initiatives and Preservation Librarian

Amy Belotti
Digital Content Librarian
 303.458.3554; x3554

University Archivist

Special Collections Coordinator

Dave Devine
Digital Content Project Manager

Sean Gruno
Digital Content Specialist

Hannah Miller
Digital Collections Librarian
 303.964.6601; x6601