ebrary FAQ

What is ebrary?

ebrary is an ebook platform that allows you to search, browse, and preview ebooks from leading academic publishers. Regis University Library provides access to thousands of current, ebrary titles. 

How can I access ebrary books?

You can find ebrary ebooks in the online catalog, Lumen.  Most ebook titles are accessible to one user at a time. Please log out when you are finished using a book so it will be available to others. Single-user titles are automatically released for use by someone else after 15 minutes of inactivity. You can also put a hold on an ebook if it is already in use, but you must access the ebook within 5 minutes of notification or it will be released to the next user.

May I print or download ebrary ebooks?

Most of Regis Library's ebrary books are not fully downloadable. Usually, a maximum of 60 pages per title may be downloaded and printed as a PDF.

If the only available option for a title is "Read Online," it is still possible to download or print up to 60 pages. Click the "Read Online" button, and look for the "Print to PDF" icon towards the top of the page. 

If an ebrary book is downloadable, you'll be required to download Adobe Digital Editions before you download a book to your laptop or computer. You'll be required to download the Bluefire App via the Apple App Store or Google Play before you download a book to your Apple or Android mobile device.

Is there a way to keep track of books or chapters I use frequently?

Yes. After you create a personal ebrary account, you can put titles on your electronic bookshelf, place bookmarks, and create annotations.  

Can I read ebrary ebooks on my mobile device?

Most of Regis Library's ebrary titles are not downloadable to a mobile device. For titles that are downloadable, first download the Bluefire App via the Apple App Store or Google Play. Use Bluefire to read ebrary books to Apple or Android mobile devices.

May I request that Regis Library purchase an ebrary book?

Feel free to send a request for a title to lsuggest@regis.edu.

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