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About the Colorado Native Plant Society


  The Colorado Native Plant Society first met in 1976, and their newsletter, Aquilegia, was first published 1977.  The Blue Columbine is the state flower of Colorado, and Aquilegia is the Latin name for the Columbine.

            The Colorado Native Plant Society  is dedicated to furthering the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of native plants and habitats of Colorado through education, stewardship and advocacy.

The Colorado Native Plant Society is open to everyone - professionals and amateurs, experienced botanists and beginners - all who are interested in the flora of Colorado. 

The purpose of the Colorado Native Plant Society is to encourage the appreciation and conservation of Colorado native plants and their habitats.  The Society identifies and studies Colorado’s native flora, with an emphasis on rare plants and the ecosystems that support them. To achieve its goals, the Society works with the United States government, the State of Colorado, organizations with similar goals, and its five regional chapters.

The Colorado Native Plant Society has numerous activities for you. The Society inventories and disseminates information about native plants, promotes horticultural uses of native plants, sponsors field trips and workshops, hosts an annual meeting, maintains a web site, stocks a specialized bookstore on the flora of Colorado, provides research grants, and publishes the newsletter Aquilegia.

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