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2011 Fall Faculty Conference - Centering on Teaching Excellence: Conference Schedule

Schedule, program, and keynote speaker information for the 2011 conference can be found on this web site. The opening keynote and closing session are open to all faculty at Regis University.

Conference Schedule

Regis College Fall Faculty Conference Schedule of Events
October 7, 2011

----- = Event is open to all Regis University faculty and staff

----- = Event is open to all Regis College and Library faculty. A limited number of slots are also available for faculty and staff from CPS and RHCHP by advanced reservation.

----- = Event is limited to Regis College and Library faculty and staff.

2011 Fall Faculty Conference


Location: Student Center Cafeteria



Location: Chapel


Keynote: Overcoming Apathy: Strategies for Teaching from the Psychology of Learning

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

Location: Chapel


Support and Encouragement for New Faculty
Dr. Meg Thams

Location: Loyola 2

Teaching the Humanities in the 21st Century
Dr. Eric Fretz and Dr. Jason Taylor

Location: Loyola 3

Writing Reticent to Writing Intensive: Incorporating Writing Into Your Assignments
Dr. Morgan Reitmeyer

Location: Loyola 5



Student Center Cafeteria


Promoting Better Teaching: A Case Study of Academically Adrift
Dr. Ken Sagendorf, United States Air Force Academy

Location: Loyola 2

Beyond the Blue Form: Working with Students with Learning Differences
Heidi Barker, Liz Grassi, & Rebecca Betjemann

Location: Loyola 5


Reel Meaning:  Using Film in the Classroom
Dr. Tom Leininger and Dr. Janellen Hill

Location: Loyola 2

Transgressing Teaching:  Unexpected Rewards and Pitfalls
Dr. Eve Passerini and Dr. Melissa Nix

Location: Loyola 3

Guiding and Empowering Our First-Generation Students
Dr. Lisa Garza and Dr. Nicki Gonzales

Location: Loyola 5


Closing Session: What Can a Center for Teaching and Learning Do for You?

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek and members of the Regis University Advisory Committee for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Location: Chapel

4:30-5:00 OPEN

Cocktail Reception

Location: Student Center Cafeteria



Location: Student Center Cafeteria