David Goldstein Popular Sheet Music Collection


David Goldstein Popular Sheet Music Collection


About David Goldstein

   David Goldstein was a prolific composer and pediatrician who described himself as an “Apollonian,” due to Apollo being the god of medicine but also leading the muses, included the muse of music.

   Goldstein was born in 1918 to a musical family, which influenced him to begin singing and improvising by the age of four. He attended Manhattan’s Music School Settlement, the City College of New York, Columbia University, and the Long Island College of Medicine. Goldstein simultaneously pursued his interests in medicine and music. After returning to New York from teaching in North Dakota, Goldstein acquired a job to sing in the Broadway show Rosalinda, an American adaptation of Johann Strauss’s operetta Die Fledermaus.

   Goldstein began playing the tenor recorder after meeting Joel Newman, and soon became a prominent recorder player. He began composing music for the recorder and the viol, primarily compositions for special occasions.

   Goldstein was the recipient of the 2003 American Recorder Society Presidential Special Honor Award, which he received shortly before his death in 2003.

   The Goldstein Fund was created by the American Recorder Society shortly after his death. This fund supports the publication of Goldstein’s works, along with other composers and arrangers via the American Recorder Society.