About the Library

Food & Beverages

To promote a comfortable environment for research and study, the libraries do not prohibit food or (legal) beverages in the buildings. However, you are still asked to use common sense:

  • Don't place your drinks on top of computers, use a sandwich as a bookmark, etc.
  • Don't have food delivered to the libraries, as there is no way for library staff to track you down when the delivery person is standing at the reference desk (and we might just eat your pizza as punishment).
  • Please clean up after yourselves, as trash from food can attract pests who also like to snack on books.

One exception to this policy is the electronic classroom (DML 310). All food and beverages (except bottled water) are prohibited in this room. Groups who are using the room for long sessions and wish to have refreshments should reserve another room to use for breaks.

Book drops

Dayton Memorial Library has two book drops for returning materials after hours or without entering the building. A walk-up book drop is at the bottom of the main entrance stairs. A drive-up book drop is available on the south side of the library in the center of Lot 2.