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History of Inequity


This reading list has been curated by the librarians at Dayton Memorial Library as a selection of materials addressing issues relating to diversity, inclusion, inequity, and oppression from across disciplines and decades. Most of these resources are written from a scholarly/academic perspective, and many of these items are intersectional in nature and will fall within more than one category listed here.

The link to each resource is a permanent URL that will give you more information about the item and tell you how you can find it, either in the library or online.

Take a look at the suggestions below. 

Topics on this page:
Gender/LGBTQ* issues
Society and politics

Race and ethnicity

Gender and sexuality

Society and politics

Other materials

Here are some suggestions that the library does not currently own or have access to.
You can purchase these from your favorite bookseller or request them through Prospector (for books) or Interlibrary Loan (for articles and books). 

Those damned immigrants: America's hysteria over undocumented immigration.
​Román, E. (2013).

Impossible subjects: Illegal aliens and the making of modern America. 
Ngai, M.M. (2004). 

The "huddled masses" myth: Immigration and civil rights. 
Johnson, K.R. (2003). 

Christian literature and social justice: A literary analysis. 
Lynskey, A.C. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol 76(5-A)(E), 2015.

Foundational perspectives in multicultural education.
Duarte, E.M. & Smith, S. (2000).

Bilingual education: History, politics, theory, and practice. 4th ed. 
Crawford, J. (1995). 

Vietnamerica: A family's journey. 
Tran, G.B. (2010).

Concentration camps on the home front: Japanese Americans in the house of Jim Crow. 
Howard, J. (2008). 

Only what we could carry: The Japanese American internment experience. 
Inada, L.F. (2000). 

Islanders in the empire: Filipino and Puerto Rican laborers in Hawaii. 
Poblete, J. (2014).