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ePublications at Regis University: Welcome


Repository Policies and Practices

What is ePublications?

ePublications at Regis University is an institutional repository (IR) service provided by the Regis University Library, dedicated to preserving and disseminating scholarly, educational, and/or research-based works authored by the university community including students, faculty, and staff. 

Why open access?


  • Journals
    • From professional-grade, peer-reviewed society journals for faculty 
    • Student publications of research and creative works
  • Conference and events
    • manage conferences, colloquia, speaker series, and other campus activities, whether they are one-time or recurring events. In addition to archiving papers and video presentations from an event, users can manage conferences from the call for papers all the way through the review process, to publication and preservation.

  • OER
    • Open Educational Resources (OERs) are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or are released under a license that permits free use and re-purposing by others. Recently, interest in OERs has grown tremendously due to rising textbook costs and institutional missions to save students money, as well as a greater desire to share educational resources widely. ePublications provides a platform to build, share, and preserve a wide variety of OERs including textbooks, syllabi, instructional videos, tools, databases, and more.
  • Research articles
    • Copies of published articles
    • Working papers
    • Presentations
    • Undergraduate research posters
  • Teaching materials

Why open access?

Open Access Journals

Contact Information

Hannah Miller
Archives & Digital Collections Librarian
  303.964.6601; x6601