Erich Katz Collection


1900                  Born July 1st in Germany

1907                  Family moved from a small town to Berlin

1918                  After turning 18, 8 weeks of basic training as a soldier just before Armistice signed.

1918 - 1921        After one semester of Engineering studies, studied music in Berlin

1921                  Began studies at Musicological Seminary in Freiburg

1926                  Received Ph.D. in Musicology

1926 - 1939        Music Teacher, Organist in Freiburg. Founded the Freiburg Music Seminary.

1926                  Married Adelheid Soltau. They had 3 children: Hanna, Klaus, and a third that died in infancy. They separated before he left Germany.

1936                  Received International Hausermann Composition Prize in Zurich, Switzerland

1939                  Immigrated to England two weeks before war started

1940                  Married Hannah Labus, M.D. and was released from internment to teach music to children in Shropshire

1943                  Immigrated to New York City

1944 - 1959        Teacher at New York College of Music (where he became chairman of the composition  department), City College of New York, and New School

                         for Social Research

1959                  Moved to Santa Barbara, California

1973                  Died on July 30th