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Notarianni Political Collection exhibit on the 4th floor of the Dayton Memorial Library 


It took 30 years for Aldo and Peggi Notarianni to collect the over 3,000 items in the Notarianni Political Collection.  Residents of Denver, CO. and long-time benefactors of Regis University, the collection of presidential campaign memorabilia spans the presidency of John Adams, 1796 to the Obama- McCain campaign of 2008. In addition to campaign items of successful presidential candidates, the collection also includes hopefuls who threw their hat in the ring but were not chosen to represent their parties.

The range of memorabilia is broad, such as buttons, broaches, silk lapel ribbons, walking sticks, banners, license plates, dinner ware, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, lithographs, posters, and a variety of  household items.  


Lincoln & Hamlin campaign, 1860


Stocking and lace flounce with celluloid

from the inauguration table of William Taft, 1908

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