Notarianni Political Collection

Arrangement and Description

      Notarianni Political Collection

Scope and Content

   The Notarianni Political Collection contains U.S. presidential memorabilia beginning with John Adams,1828 through the Obama/McCain campaign of 2008.

   Included in the collection are promotional items of  the candidates from  each party  seeking the presidential election as well as the campaign items for hopefuls seeking their party's nomination.

   Some of the collection is on view in the Notarianni Political Collection exhibit case on the 4th floor of the Dayton Memorial Library and can be seen during library hours.

Searching by Inventory, Indexes, or the on-line Catalog


"Garfield Tea", campaign item for James A. Garfield, 1880


   The collection can be searched in an inventory organized chronologically by election date.  It lists all items for  presidential candidates and hopefuls.. Headings for each election year include the presidential and Vice-presidential candidates and the party they represent. The winning candidates are indicated by an [X] beside their names.

   There is also an alphabetical index of the names of all presidential candidates & hopefuls.

   In addition, there is an alphabetical index of the names of the vice presidential candidates.

   The last way to search the collection is through the Regis online catalog, LUMEN. Enter the name of a  candidate or hopeful with the search term political memorabilia. (Example: Alf Landon political memorabilia.)