Regis Inclusive Archives Program



The Regis Inclusive Archives program seeks to address historical gaps within our institutional archives by engaging the Regis community in collecting narratives that are reflective of diverse communities and which highlight social justice and activism.

Rooted in the tradition of archival practice is a system in which archives are largely assembled by individual archivists or curators. This program aims to dismantle the power structures that uphold dominant narrative while prioritizing histories of those in power, and instead empower community members to contribute their own narratives -- they determine how their story is told, preserved, and how it is accessed in the future. We recognize that as archivists, when we ignore the absence of diverse voices within archives, we perpetuate racism, sexism, classism, as well as discriminatory application against the differently abled, LGBTQ, women, elderly, and a range of intersectional identities.  We aim to to build participatory systems that empower marginalized communities. Please find examples of our collections here: Regis Inclusive Archives,  Leave Your Mark, and the LGBTQIA+ and Queer Experience.

Regis Inclusive Archives Program goals: 

  • Establish equal ownership and shared stewardship of our university archives and historical record
  • Capture, preserve, and amplify diverse communities on campus   
  • Document the social justice pursuits of our community members, which is at the heart of the Regis University mission

Regis Inclusive Archives Program outcomes:

  • Reparative archives
  • Representational belonging
  • Community building
  • Research and scholarly activities

Examples of materials collected:

  • Oral histories
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Creative expressions
  • Diaries and journals
  • Documents / records

To partner with the archives in establishing a community archives project, please contact for more information:

Image from The Highlander - Regis's student run newspaper