Leave Your Mark Program



Capturing the real-life memories, perspectives, and actions of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni and preserving them for future generations.  

Regis University Library’s Leave Your Mark program seeks to collect, archive, and provide access to stories, perspectives, and experiences of Regis University students, faculty, and alumni. Stories can be submitted in the form of oral histories, photographs, written word, video, multimedia, … Our goal is to collect various materials that are reflective of all the diverse voices of our community, so that future historians, students, scholars, and researchers will understand what it means to be a member of the Regis community. 

The Leave Your Mark archival collections will be comprised of records that capture Regis community members' responses to cultural events such as social and political movements, and significant historical happenings. It is imperative that our Leave Your Mark collections are community driven, rather than curated by the library. This program aims to pivot, counter and question the historical nature of archival practices which have typically represented dominant culture. We welcome histories, perspectives, narratives, that reflect the diverse student and faculty body. We aim to amplify and elevate the social activist activity that is at the heart of Regis University’s mission. 


Regis University’s Leave Your Mark program seeks to: 

  • Celebrate the Regis University mission as it is manifested through our community 
  • Capture the lived experiences of historically marginalized communities on campus   
  • Create intergenerational and intersectional safe spaces to support lifelong learning 
  • Advocate for equal ownership and shared stewardship of our university archives 
  • Support communities in preserving their stories for future generations 
  • Showcase the power and beauty of the Regis community! 

Contact the Digital Initiatives & Preservation department for more information: dip@regis.edu | 303-458-4265