Charles J. Roitz Photography Collection

Arrangement and description

Charles J. Roitz Photography Collection

Scope and Content

   The Charles J. Roitz Photography Collection was donated by the Roitz family in 2013.  Versatile as a photographer, sculpture, and a poet, his art is a deeply spiritual expression of the sacred energies he sees manifest though out creation.

   The collection includes 9 boxes of loose prints and 2 published editions. The 9 boxes of prints are labeled 1) Late 1950s – 1960s   2) Early 1960s  3) 1970   4) Towards a Contemporary Consciousness  5) Petroglyphs  6) Panama  7) Peru   8) Snow, Sloan’s Lake  9) Italian Series. The prints in  Box # 8 and # 9 are in color.  Not all the loose prints in the 9 boxes are digitized and available on line. Un-scanned prints in the boxes are often test prints before a better quality version was made. However, all the loose prints that are unique and/or of good quality are available in the online Regis Library Digitized Collections.  See link below.

   The collection also contains two published editions: The Way Home, 2005,  and, Selected Significant Images, 1996 – 2006.

   The loose prints in the 9 boxes, and the prints in the two bound editions have been digitized in the Regis digital collections: The Charles Roitz Photography Collection.

Series Listing

The Collection includes 9 boxes of loose prints,  as well as 2 published editions.

Series 1 - Late 1950s - 1960s  

Series 2 - Early 1960s  

Series 3 - 1970s  

Series 4 - Toward a Contemporary Consciousness  

Series 5 - Petroglyphs  

Series 6 - Panama

Series 7 - Peru     

Series 8 - Snow, Sloan's Lake  

Series 9 - Italian Series


The Way Home, 2005,

Selected Significant Images, 1996 - 2006