Lois Beebe Hayna Papers

Arrangement and Description

Lois Beebe Hayna Papers

Series Listing and Description

Series 1Ring binders

·        Several ring binders contain poems written by Hayna from the 1970s to the present arranged alphabetically by title.

·        There is a ring binder of early college poems she wrote while at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Some of the poems include a few comments made later by a professor at Tulane University, when Hayna was living in the south. The poems are left in their original order.

·        In 1930, during her first teaching job after high school and before college in Wood County WI, Hayna collaborated on an unpublished play The Return of Deacon Dobbs which was written as an imaginary sequel to a published and popular play.

·        Fool’s Gold is a collection of early short stories by Hayna and left in their original order.

·        The last set of ring binders contains prose both fiction and non-fiction arranged alphabetically by title. The fictional works are short stories.  A few of these are also featured in Fool’s Gold.  The non-fictional works are essays and memoirs Hayna wrote of her childhood and family.

Series 2 -  Index to Ring binders

·        Index: the ring binders containing poetry written between the 1970s and the present. The poems are arranged alphabetically by title and are numbered.

Although not definitive, there is a column listing awards won by the poem and the journals in which it is published. Titles in blue denote the published books of Hayna's poetry in which the poem appears. Sometimes there is reminiscence by Barb Lundy, a member of the Hayna Writers, and sometimes there is a comment by Hayna about her interest in the poem.

·        Index: a ring binder containing college work and early poems. The poems are listed in their original order.

·        Index: Fool’s Gold, a collection of early short stories by Hayna.

·        Index: the ring binders of Hayna’s prose, both fiction and non-fiction. All works are arranged alphabetically by title.

Series 3 - CD Split Vision, an audio collection of Lois Hayna’s poems read by her with additional comments and reflections

·        Index:  listing the poems on the CD.     

Series 4 - Correspondence

   There are a few letters between Hayna and Waverley Root concerning questions she had on herbs for a book she was writing but never published. (A Casual Herbist).  Acceptance and rejection letters for her submissions to publishers are in this series as well as a letter of recommendation written on her behalf for the 1990 Governor’s Award. There are also letters to Hayna informing her of awards she has received.

Series 5 - Writings

   This series contains drafts of her unpublished book A Casual Herbist, notes, a table of contents, an herb index, and chapters 1 – 12.  There is also an inventory by Hayna of her published works, some resumes she wrote, as well as a biography written about her, and two short autobiographical sketches she wrote in 2011.

Series 6 - Serials that include Hayna’s work

   Serials and newsletters that published Hayna’s poetry have been collected beginning in 1967.

Series 7 - Clippings

   This series contains clippings from newspapers or newsletters with poems by Hayna, articles about Hayna, or articles by Hayna.  There are also clippings of articles on food by Waverley Root written in the 1970s for the International Herald Tribune.

Series 8 - Teaching notes

   Contained in one folder only are examples of well-known poems Hayna used in her writing classes. There are also cartoons from the New Yorker magazine.

Series 9 - Promotions, event flyers, programs

   This series includes promotions for events that support poets and poetry. In 2008, Lois Hayna was inaugurated as Poet Laureate Emeritus by the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project, an organization to showcase regional poets and promote the teaching and writing of poetry by educational institutions.

Series 10 - Honors and Recognition

   In 2009, Lois Hayna was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by Regis University, Denver, CO. In 2010 the Lois Beebe Hayna Creative Writing Center was dedicated in the Regis University‘s Dayton Memorial Library. The writing center was a gift of the Martin Family Foundation.

Series 11 - Photographs

   Includes pictures of her taken at formal events and snapshots of her meetings with the Hayna Writers, a critique group founded by her that has been meeting for over 35 years.

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