A quick guide to electronic and course reserves.

In-library reserve guidelines

Books, articles, government documents, videotapes, audio recordings, and other materials may be placed on reserve at the Access Services Desk. Course reserves are restricted to currently enrolled students. Typically materials are placed on a 2-hour reserve check-out.

Content generally accepted for in-library reserve:

  • Instructor owned materials such as course syllabi, lecture notes, and practice exams.
  • Materials owned by the library (books, journals, videos, DVDs, etc.). Please allow for some extra time to recall items that are checked out.
  • Instructor's personal copies of approved materials. The instructor is responsible for providing a legally obtained copy. The copy can be used one time for one session without copyright permission from the publisher or the Copyright Clearance Center. Please contact the Access Services Department for other options in obtaining materials not owned by the library.
  • Limited portions of copyrighted work such as a single chapter or selection. The excerpt cannot exceed ten percent of the work.
  • Reproduced items must include attribution and proper copyright notices. The first page of a document must include the copyright notice found on the original. If none is found, a copyright notice will be attached to the document by the library.
  • A single copy of an article may be placed on reserve. Only one article from an individual journal issue may be placed on reserve unless copyright royalties are paid.
  • Entire books can be placed on reserve. If multiple copies are needed, the instructor must provide additional copies.
  • A single copy of an audio recording or video recording may be placed on reserve. A video recording of a network television program may be made available on reserve for up to 45 days following the original air date. Further use requires copyright permission.
  • A limited portion of a sound recording may be placed on reserve.

Items that cannot be placed on in-library reserve:

  • Prospector, Interlibrary Loans, and movie rentals
  • Copied movies
  • Copied audio recordings
  • Multiple copies of an article
  • Expired off air tapes
  • Course packs