Videos and Streaming Media

Information on the online video and multimedia resources available in the Regis University Library.

Links to current subscriptions

  • Ambrose Video 2.0: Regis currently subscribes to one series in the Ambrose collection; "A History of Christianity: The First 3000 Years".
  • Swank Digital Campus: This is a site for feature film streaming. Swank has contracts with most feature film studios (Fox is one major exception) so their catalog lists approximately 17,000 feature film titles. Access to any one title requires a specific leasing agreement for that title; the library can typically add a new title with approximately 2 weeks notice. Access to Regis' Swank site is for faculty only. Instructors may login and then copy/paste the supplied embed codes into their WorldClass course.  If you are an instructor and you do not have access to the Regis Swank site, please contact the Digital Initiatives & Preservation Librarian for instructions.
  • Films On Demand: Online access for Films Media Group's vast collection of subject specific and documentary titles.  Individual subscriptions are driven by instructor demand. Administrative access to the site is for instructors only and there are a variety of ways to link to or embed titles.  If you are an instructor and you do not have access to FOD, please contact the Digital Initiatives & Preservation Librarian.

What Are Hosted Subscription Sites?

Hosted or subscription video sites are similar to subscription databases where the library subscribes to a collection or part of a collection of videos hosted by the rights holders of the videos. In most cases, these hosted sites are the only legal outlet for streaming these specific titles. Subscriptions tend to be set up as yearly or multi-year leasing contracts and they are renewed as necessary, so this list will change over time. Subscriptions to these sites are based on instructional need. If your course or courses require access to online video titles that you cannot find on these sites, please contact the Digital Initiatives & Preservation Librarian.  Most of these sites will require authentication when attempting to login from off-campus. Some are accessible only to faculty.