Videos and Streaming Media

Information on the online video and multimedia resources available in the Regis University Library.


MediaSpace is Regis University's own online multimedia platform. Supported media include:

  • video files
  • audio recordings
  • still images
  • webcam recordings
  • presentations
  • screen captures

MediaSpace content is created by and for the Regis University Community, and is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Regis University MediaSpace

*note: you will need a RegisNET username and password to access MediaSpace content.

Digital Collections

ePublications at Regis University is an institutional repository (IR) service provided by the Regis University Library, dedicated to supporting the University community by preserving and disseminating scholarly, educational, and/or research-based works authored by the university community that warrant enduring conservation and distribution. It aims to preserve and provide open access to these works, describing, organizing, and maintaining access to a wide variety of digital information in either born digital or digitized formats.