Dayton Memorial Library - Room information

DML 115 - Media seminar room

Seating capacity – 9

DML 115 is a seminar room with a large conference table and has a capacity of 9. Installed equipment includes:

  • Wall mounted 46” LCD TV
  • DVD player
  • VHS player
  • Blu-ray player
  • Multimedia PC
  • Mac Mini with webcam for internet video conferencing
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard for use with the Mac Mini (available for checkout at the Media Services front desk)

This room may be reserved for single events, multiple classes within a semester and, for classes heavily dependent on media, full semesters. Please note that DML 115 is heavily booked during Fall and Spring semesters. Try to reserve this room well in advance.

Scheduling DML 115

Contact the Archives & Digital Collections front desk (303-458-4265) to schedule room 115. If you are scheduling the room for a full semester for a regularly scheduled class, please contact your school’s classroom scheduler or the university’s scheduling office.