Dayton Memorial Library - Room information

DML 310 - Electronic classroom

Seating capacity - 38

The Electronic Classroom in the Dayton Memorial Library has been designed as a teaching lab for the purpose of library instruction -- the development of library and research skills and the use of electronic resources. It is equipped with workstations that are networked and enable an instructor to project computer and video images to targeted student workstations and/or through the data projector. A high resolution data/video projector and a large screen enable anyone in the room to view a centrally projected image with ease and clarity. Individuals can bring in their own source equipment and easily connect to the monitor network and projector. The library is committed to maintaining a state-of-the-art facility and will thus be regularly upgrading equipment as well as adding new technologies.

The library uses the room for its extensive instruction program, which is generally delivered in single-session classes taught by library faculty in support of coursework and assignments throughout the three colleges of the university in partnership with the faculties.

Academic courses with special technological needs are encouraged to schedule the room for short blocks of classes or individual class periods.

This space has a capacity of 38. 

Scheduling DML 310

Contact the Research and Instruction Department for scheduling by calling (303) 458-4031 (1-800-388-2366 x4031) or by sending an email to