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Recognition: Cheers! Kudos! Great Work!

Cheers! Kudos! Great Work!

  • As a Hopkins scholar taking part in the conference I have a pleasure of working at the library. Thanks a lot for the wonderful collection of Hopkins scholarship, friendly and helpful staff and inspiring atmosphere in the stacks.

  • Thank you (library) for being so student-focused.

  • I really appreciate the way the library always steps up to support our students during finals. Please extend my sincere thanks to all the staff who took on this extra duty.
    It is no surprise that the library always shines during accreditation visits. You truly are student-focused!

  • I also would like to thank the librarians in Dayton Memorial Library at Regis University for helping me to search for articles and academic journals in Regis database, and the tutors from the Writing Center for helping me to revise my paper. I would not have had a chance to learn and write about methamphetamine the way I had if it were not for your help, so thank you so much.

  • From a new graduate student, complimenting Dawn on her level of knowledge and professionalism:
    “I’m glad I’m spending my money so that you can hire people like her.”

  • It is such a pleasure using this library -- looking online, in the comfort of my home and finding so many resources. But also, when I look for material not in the Regis system, it is simply amazing to be able to request articles and book chapters, and have them scanned and emailed to me. And it happens within a day usually. Wow. Thank you for you good work. What a pleasure! It makes me feel that I can master knowledge like never before!

  • Paul, Thank you for your help. I was not able to make the live webinar due to work travel, but your discussions, tips, and webinar are invaluable. I am copying your posts and tips/tricks off to Evernote, so I can refer to them for the rest of my academic career.
    I was an undergrad at a different online program, and never saw the kind of support and assistance that Regis' library provides. This just reinforces my decision to do my graduate study at Regis.

  • Wow, thank you Elizabeth!
    What great service! I really do appreciate that. Yes, it’s amazing what one can still find.

  • I am an affiliate faculty member with Regis University. I'm writing to bring to your attention the EXCELLENT work done by Chris Steele. I have been working with Chris for the last month, in ordering some supplemental articles for my upcoming course, MBAE-612. This course hasn't been taught in quite some time, and needed much revamping. Despite the short notice, Chris responded quickly and enthusiastically, helping me locate all the materials I needed, both locally and nationally. And when some of the articles were out of date, or wording on the syllabus unclear, he suggested alternatives I could consider.
    I further explained that this course is part of our ITESO program, where many of the students will be English-As-A-Second-Language learners. Chris provided me clear instructions for them on how to access the electronic reserves database. You have a gem of an employee in Chris, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for his support. I look forward to working with the Library again, enjoying all the tremendous services it provides. Your leadership in running this organization is apparent.

  • I love this library resource. It is easy to use, and the search results are productive. Whoever did the programming for this library online resource deserves praise and a raise.

  • Kim, Thanks so much for coming to my class Sunday and teaching us about the library resources at Regis. The students felt it was very informative and I was pleased to have an opportunity to learn the same information from you.