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Many consumer streaming platforms, e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, do not offer institutional licenses for academic libraries. Typically the End User License Agreement (EULA) specifies the account is “only for your personal, non-commercial use”.

These licenses overrule copyright exemptions.

Utilizing personal subscriptions vendors are not allowed for classroom use as it does not fall under copyright exemptions as defined in Section 110 and Section 107 of copyright law.

Netflix has allowed some items to be used by faculty for one time educational screenings. More information can be found on their knowledge base linked here:

Netflix has allowed a small amount of content to be utilized without a Netflix account which can be found on their Youtube account: Educational Documentaries | Netflix - YouTube

Content Availability Note

Hosted or subscription video sites are similar to subscription databases where the library subscribes to a collection or part of a collection of videos hosted by the rights holders of the videos. In most cases, these hosted sites are the only legal outlet for streaming these specific titles. Subscriptions tend to be set up as yearly or multi-year leasing contracts and they are renewed as necessary, so this list will change over time. It is recommended that you check each semester whether the item you plan to use in class is still available.