Writing Analytically: Creativity, Process, and the Arts (Wright)

A guide to library research

Getting Started

This guide is designed to help you find the articles, books, and other resources you need for your first-year writing class in twentieth century music. For articles, use Academic Search Premier (a general interest resource with many articles on music and related topics).

Search tips:

  • use the "suggest subject term" search to find keywords
  • put exact phrases in quotes ("rite of spring")
  • start your search off broad then begin to narrow your results by using the "refine results" tool
  • once you found a good resource, use the references cited to find more research
  • not all articles on your topic are appropriate; don't try to make an article fit into your research; let it go!

Evaluating Resources

Use this checklist to determine if a source is appropriate:

Authority: Who wrote it? What credentials does s/he have? [PhD, affiliation with university]

Source: Where was it published? How was it selected for publication? [look at submission guidelines for evidence of peer review or other editorial processes]

Currency: When was it published? Has it appeared in other forms with/out revision?

Research: Are other sources cited in a bibliography/reference list? Are foot/endnotes used?

Bias: Is there an objective viewpoint? Is the author making assertions without documentation, or with questionable documentation? [e.g., her/his own work, crackpots]

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