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Overview and Mission: Mission and Values

Regis University Library - Mission and Values

Who We Are

We are employees of the Library, Learning Commons, and Student Disability Services/University Testing who are creative individuals and collaborators at heart. We want to form connections with individuals and community members and are passionate about our work.

Mission Statement

We form campus and community partnerships to enable access to information, resources, spaces, and people with the goal of fostering education for a more just and humane world.


Our values tie directly to our mission. They are framed by a commitment to social justice, racial justice, disability justice and furthering equity for our Regis Community. 


We envision creating an environment through our actions where everyone is empowered to take charge of their own learning and advocate for their academics. Learners have their own experiences and knowledge, so we work to nurture those existing experiences during the learning process so individuals can grow and share what they’ve learned with the broader community. Our spaces are for Regis community participation and support from the larger academic community. We envision a place that engenders community creation while providing spaces for self-care so that learners can grow and thrive. 


We provide holistic access to the Regis community and attempt to remove systemic barriers to access. We envision moving beyond compliance and towards an environment that respects and values the experiential knowledge of people with diverse abilities and backgrounds. Our methods of access are multiplatform and multiformat to meet the needs of all members of our community. We envision physical and virtual spaces that are dynamic, inclusive, and easy to navigate so that there are no barriers to knowledge, information, resources, or advocacy. Access is not solely about content, but the connections we form between people when we value intersectionality. 


We seek to engage in relations founded on the principles of authentic care, which work to undermine practices of identity-based injustices. We work to move beyond the principles of customer service to offer depth of care based on specific needs of individuals and communities. To this end, we also recognize that compassion and care requires balance regarding labor, both ours and that of our students and academic partners. We work to mutually support one another.