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Overview and Mission: Welcome


Welcome! The faculty and staff of the Regis University Library are dedicated to the success of all students. We offer access to a broad range of materials and services that can be accessed remotely online via our website, and on-site at the Dayton Memorial Library on the Northwest Denver campus. We encourage new students to explore the library website and the services and resources listed on the site. Similarly, we encourage all students to establish a strong working relationship with the library early in their academic career.

The library provides the Regis community with significant resources for research, in print, online, and multimedia formats; a variety of areas for individual study and collaboration; and professional assistance for extensive research and document delivery.

  • The Dayton Memorial Library, which houses the physical collections and staff, was built in 1966 and underwent a major renovation in 1997. The building has individual study stations, numerous group study rooms, individual faculty study suites, two classrooms, and multi-functional meeting rooms.
  • The Information Literacy Program advances the information literacy skills of the students of Regis University. Recognizing that effective, appropriate and ethical use of information is crucial to critical thinking, decision-making, and lifelong learning, library faculty collaborate with teaching faculty to foster critical thinking skills and competent retrieval and use of information in order to prepare students for the challenges of academia and their personal and professional lives. Librarians offer instruction about research skills in a variety of settings, including hands-on research sessions, class visits, research consultations and online instruction sessions.
  • The Regis collections contain print volumes, current print periodicals, online journals, and e-books. Regis is a depository for federal government documents and has a significant collection of multimedia materials including documentary and feature DVDs and streaming media.
  • The Library licenses numerous specialized, full-text, and statistical databases in support of the curriculum and research at the university.

The Regis Archives and Special Collections contain the inactive administrative archives of Regis University and Loretto Heights College. These records include unpublished materials documenting the Catholic presence in the Southwest during the nineteenth century. The Special Collections support the university curriculum with its collections of personal records, such as the Richard H. Truly U.S. Space Program Collection; its objects, such as the Notarianni Political Collection of U.S. presidential campaign items; and its rare books, such as medieval illuminated manuscripts. The Regis Santo Collection includes historical and contemporary Roman Catholic devotional objects from the American Southwest, Mexico and throughout Central America, and the Philippines. Many santos from this teaching collection are on display in the Thomas J. Steele, S.J. Santo Gallery in the Dayton Memorial Library. Significant portions of Special Collections and the Santo Collection are available online through the Regis University Digital Collections. The digital collections also contain a wide variety of open access, digital information including scholarly work by students and faculty of the university, as well as unique, digitized archival materials and institutional records from Archives and Special Collections.