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This page has information on making tutoring appointments and using resources from The Learning Commons. Click on the Study Skills Resources tab above for other resources on building effective study habits.

The Learning Commons: Writing Center, Tutoring, Academic Success Workshops

The Learning Commons is your link to free academic support! Designed to promote student confidence, its Writing Center, Tutoring, and Academic Success Workshops help with writing and studying in a range of subjects, in person and online, in one-on-one and group sessions. Whether you are looking to catch up or keep up in your scholastic journey, don't wait--connect with us today!

Writing and Tutoring Appointments

OPTION 1: TLC's Writing & Tutoring Center

BOOK APPOINTMENTS (In-person/Online) 

Connect with a tutor/writing coach in 4 easy steps.

1. Go to > click 'Schedule an Appointment,' or use (direct link)
2. Register/log in > bookmark this page
3. Click a white slot to schedule an appointment > check tutor bios first
4. Read confirmation email for appointment details

*Schedule appointments on the go! Click here for instructions for mobiles and tablets.


  • In-person: Held on the Northwest Denver Campus
  • Writing Online: Paper Drop-off or Zoom 
  • Tutoring Online: Zoom     
  • Up to 1 hour a day or 3 hours a week; 30 or 60-minute sessions 

Log into the scheduler for appointment availability, location, length, and format.

For a great learning experience,

  • Plan ahead--come early and often.
  • Be specific in your appointment form.
  • Bring the assignment and any relevant course materials.

OPTION 2: Smarthinking

Smarthinking is another free online tutoring for Regis students when TLC's in-house tutoring is unavailable. Regis students receive 10 free Smarthinking tutoring hours per year and access to its "Study Aids" anytime. To maximize tutoring hours, try TLC first.

Schedule Tutoring Appointments

Learning Space

  • Spacious common area for sessions
  • Sizable study rooms (contact us to reserve for quiet study time)
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Computers, printers, and whiteboards
  • Attentive and experienced staff

Academic Success Workshops & More

¤ Workshops

Students who attend these workshops attest to how useful they are. Attend and see for yourself!

¤ Writing and Citing

   Related help: Research | Résumés & Cover Letters

¤ Studying

¤ Subjects 

¤ Free access to academic guides and tutorials for Regis students via Smarthinking