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What is LumenPlus?

Logged in vs. not logged in

Not logged in

By default, LumenPlus search results are publicly available. You do not need to be logged in with your Regis account to view LumenPlus search results.

Regis login 

Any patron can view our holdings but you must be logged in with your Regis account for full access to articles, ebooks, streaming media, etc. Look for the "Hello, Guest. Login with your Regis credentials" link at the top of the search results page. This is the Regis login.

Hello Guest login

Other Logins

Once you are logged in with your Regis credentials you will see a "My EBSCOhost Account" link and "Folder" icon in the banner at the top of the page. These are different from the Regis login and are specific to EBSCO.  You can create a separate EBSCO login, use the "My EBSCOhost Account" link, and save citations to your folder (just as you can on the EBSCOhost platform).

My EBSCOhost Account login