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What is LumenPlus?

System links

These system navigation links can be found in the banner of the top of the search results page:

Research Guides – directs the user to an alphabetical list of subject and course research guides created by librarians

Publications – directs the user to a print and electronic journal search 

Send Us Feedback! - use this link to send us your comments regarding this service

Preferences – choose settings to save for future searches

Search Results

On the search results page, you will find:

Research Guides - if the submitted search term appears in a library research guide, the guide will be listed in a box labelled "research guides" that appears above the list of search results.

Chat - A chat box widget is embedded in right hand column of all search results for point of need service.

The following search limits are found on the left hand column labelled "Refine Results" on the search results page:

Expanders - defaults to include searching within full text of articles, and similar subjects.

Limit to - narrow results with the following limiters:

Full Text Online
This limits results to records which have full text available either online or, if designated, physically available from the library. 

Available in Library Collection​
The Available in Library Collection limiter allows users to limit search results to records whose full text is available online (via EBSCOhost full text databases, e-journals, institutional repositories, data partners, etc.) or even content physically available in your library.

Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
Limits results to articles from academic journals that report original research

Limit by Source Type
Limits search results to academic journals, books, conference papers and other categories of source types.

Limits search results to pre-defined subject classifications used across different database systems. Limiting by subject is a recommended step for reducing the overall number of search results while simultaneously improving search precision.

Limits search results by publisher. Most initial research strategies do not emphasize searching for materials according to the publisher. We generally recommend using some of the other limits on this list first before applying this limit if needed.

Limits search results to materials from a single publication. This limit is most useful for known item searches and identification of anthologies and proceedings focusing on a single topic of interest.

Limits search results according to the language used in the publication.. This limit is most useful in limiting search results to materials that use the specified language of choice.

Limits search results according to the geographical area(s) of focus for the item. Not every resource included in LumenPlus is indexed by geography, so using this limit may exclude relevant materials.

Library Location
Limits results based on physical location in the library or availability online.

Content Provider
Limits results based on information vendor/supplier. This is not a commonly used research strategy, and we do not recommend this limit for most searches. The researcher is best served searching across the multitude of resources secured from a variety of vendors/suppliers.