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Exhibits: Welcome

Information about exhibits in Dayton Memorial Library

Current Exhibits

Information about current and upcoming exhibits can be found here.

Exhibits at the Dayton Memorial Library

The primary location for rotating exhibits in the Dayton Memorial Library is the Doyle and Margaret Hartman Gallery and Fireplace Lounge on the second floor of the Library.  Other small exhibit cases also exist throughout the Library -- see the contact list for those locations.  People or groups interested in creating a display or staging an exhibit in the library should contact the designated person for the specific location desired. 

Exhibit Guidelines

Each exhibit should have a clearly defined theme supporting topics that are scholarly, artistic, cultural, or historic, or that reflect the mission or traditions of the University. Exhibits may appropriately challenge the viewer but must show good taste in content and presentation. In the interest of intellectual freedom, exhibits of a controversial nature (political, ethical, or religious topics, for instance) will be considered, and if deemed necessary, clearance may be sought by University Administration. Complaints concerning nonconforming exhibits should be filed with the Dean of the Library who may form an ad hoc committee to consider the objection. The Dean of the Library determinations will be final.

Potential Exhibitors

Campus groups are eligible to mount exhibits if the groups are recognized by the University Office of Student Activities or if they are affiliated with the student government. Commercial and political displays are permitted only if their primary aim is plainly educational, and not promotional. Non-campus groups that are affiliated with the Jesuit mission of developing men and women in service of others are eligible for use of this space. Faculty with notable collections or a body of work are also welcome. Non-Regis exhibitors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  In all cases, priority is given to exhibitors with a Regis affiliation.

Exhibit Regulations

To preserve the aesthetics of the area, exhibited material must be scaled to the available space. They should not cover commemorative signs, windows, lights, furniture, fireplace, or interfere with egress in or around the gallery area. Exhibits should never block access to the front doors or the stairwell. Sight lines between the circulation desk and the front doors must remain open. Except for receptions celebrating the opening of an exhibit, the character of the study space in the fireplace area should be preserved. Receptions should be scheduled with the exhibits coordinator. The Library does not provide funding for receptions.

Installation Guidelines

The individual or group requesting the display is responsible for its installation. This includes identifying the materials, mounting items securely, providing legends or labels, and for removing the display in a timely fashion. Exhibits are typically staged for one calendar month. Shorter or longer durations may be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Library is not responsible for any breakage that may occur.  Insurance concerns should be discussed with the exhibits coordinator, and coverage might be recommended from an outside agency. Limited numbers of security strips may be available; these should be arranged through the exhibits coordinator in consultation with the Access Services Department.


The Library will post announcements of exhibits on its webpage, social media, and on the One Regis site. All other advertising and marketing is the responsibility of the exhibitor.