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Exhibits: Gallery Information

Information about exhibits in Dayton Memorial Library

Gallery & Lounge Specifications

  • Gallery case is 14 ft. 6 in. x 6 ft.  There are multiple movable glass shelves.  The case has lighting that is motion sensitive.
  • The gallery area has an art display area of 27 linear feet along walls where work may be hung using the gutter and hook system.
  • The Fireplace Lounge area has an art display area of 32 linear feet along walls where work may be hung using the gutter and hook system.
  • The Lounge area ceiling height is approximately 9 ft. 8 in.  Artwork may be hung from the ceiling using the existing hook system.
  • All measurements are approximate.  If space to display art is needed outside the Gallery and Lounge areas, please consult with the exhibits coordinator.

Fireplace Lounge Event Information

  • The library fireplace lounge area on the 2nd floor of the library can be booked for gallery receptions, literary events or small gatherings sponsored by the University. Times for such events must be coordinated, scheduled, and reserved through the designated contact found on the contact list.
  • Event times are limited to daytime hours, with a late afternoon time period strongly recommended. Since the library closes early on Fridays and Saturdays, events on those days must be concluded by 5:00 p.m.  
  • The food may be catered through the official food service of the University or brought in by the event planners/sponsors.
  • All food items must be disposed of by the caterer or by the event planners/sponsors at the conclusion of the event. Library staff is not responsible for clean-up or for food disposal and they are not permitted to accept leftover food items for use in the library.
  • Existing furniture in the fireplace lounge area may be rearranged, but furniture must be returned to its original location at the conclusion of the event.