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Recorder Music Center

Recorder Music at Regis

The Recorder Music Center, housed in the Dayton Memorial Library and maintained jointly by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts and the Dayton Memorial LIbrary, is an international repository for recorder music and a full-service research center for those interested in all aspects of the recorder and its world. Included in the Record Music Center are significant sets of music for other early instruments and voice, books, recordings, and musical instruments. The Gordon T. Sandford Music Collection is one of the outstanding contributions to the Recorder Music Center and consists of 3,200 published music scores, periodicals, and books.

Collections of personal papers, artworks, and musical manuscript scores are located in the Archives and Special Collections of the Dayton Memorial Library. Click on this link to visit the Recorder Music Center Archival Collections.

Circulating materials (mostly scores) are shelved in the Recorder Music Center Alcove on the 3rd floor of the Library and are available for public use and through interlibrary loan. Non-circulation reference materials are also located in this area, including books and bound periodicals on the history, lterature, and performance practice of the recorder.

For circulating recorder music and scores, click on the following link for the general catalog records: recorder music.

Items designated "DML 3rd Floor Books" are shelved in the main book collection, while those designated "3rd Floor Recorder Music Center" will be found in the southwest corner near the Recorder Music Center display case.

Research Grants
Small research grants are available to students and scholars to help support qualified academic or independent research. For application forms, please contact the Director of the Recording Music Center, Dr. Mark Davenport, office phone: (303) 964-3609.

The Record Music Center considers both small and large collections of early and contemporary music scores for the recorder and other early instruments, musical instuments, papers, art work and other documents relating to the recorder movement. All donations are fully tax deductible. If you are interested in donating materials, please contact Dr. Mark Davenport, office phone: (303) 964-3609.

Dayton Memorial Library Reference Desk (303) 438-4031

Dr. Mark Davenport, Director
Recorder Music Center
(303) 964-3609

For additional information, please visit the Center's website at Recorder Music Center.

Instrument Collection

The instrument collection of the Recorder Music Center includes various sizes and makes of recorders and other early wind and string instruments. Some instruments in the collection are on permanent display on the third floor of the Dayton Memorial Library. Other are used by students, faculty, and staff in the Regis Collegium Musicum.

Family of renaissance recorders by Peter Kobliczek