Ammon Hennacy Papers

Arrangement and Description

Ammon Hennacy Papers

Scope and Content

    The Ammon Hennacy Papers were collected by Elliot Wager, during the course of his friendship with Hennacy. The collection includes letters from Hennacy to Wager from 1942 –1968, and an index of them created by Wager. In his letters, Hennacy describes his personal life, his writings, and his activism against institutional authorities.

    The collection also contains protest pamphlets and leaflets written by Hennacy, copies of Hennacy’s articles in The Catholic Worker, and a signed copy of his book, The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist. There are two photographs of Hennacy taken while visiting Wager in Denver, CO.

   There is a description of the Joe Hill House, founded by Ammon Hennacy and Mary Lathrop in 1961, and a brief chronology of events in Hennacy’s life created by Wager. Lastly, there is a spiral binder containing both the memorial tributes to Ammon Hennacy printed in The February 1970 issue of The Catholic Worker, as well as excerpts of some of his best-known articles.

Series Listing

The papers are arranged in 6 series:

1.      Chronology.

2.      Letters to Elliott Wager from Hennacy

3.      Photographs of Hennacy

4.      Protest pamphlets and leaflets

5.      Book –The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist

6.      The Catholic Worker