MAE 614 Action Research: Foundations

Find Articles

The Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC) contains references for citations and abstracts from over 1,000 educational and education-related journals along with more than 2,200 digests. 

How to find primary research articles in ERIC:

  • Use the Advanced Search option (default search screen)
  • Enter your search term(s) in the search box
  • Under Limit your results:
    • Select the Peer Reviewed box
    • Journal or Document: select Journal Articles (EJ)
    • Publication type: select Reports - Research

Use the Date Published from limit to narrow your results to a particular date range.

What's the difference between and ERIC document (ED) and an ERIC journal article (EJ)?

ERIC documents are generally unpublished materials, such as papers read at conferences or reports from state agencies.  Journal articles usually undergo some sort of editorial scrutiny, or review by a panel of experts (peer review) before they are published.

What if the "Full Text from ERIC" links are not working?

Go to the free ERIC site and search for the title of the article or document. You should then be able to retrieve the full text there. NOTE: Currently some ERIC documents from the site (Full text from ERIC) are unavailable. If you need an ERIC document, you can request it through interlibrary loan.

Other Sources

Full Text Finder

If the full text of an article isn't available from the database you're searching, click on the Full Text Finder link that appears below the citation or abstract to see if it is available elsewhere. A new tab or window will open when you click the Full Text Finder link, and all linked options for accessing the full-text document will be listed. Links on this page are formatted to prompt the Regis login for subscription access.  Options may include:  

  • documents Check for full text at the publisher's site: this link will direct the user to the publisher's Web site while passing through our institutional subscription.
  • lightbulb Find this article in full text from EBSCOhost SmartLinks+: this link will connect the user to the resource in our library system that provides full-text.
  • documents Find this article in full text from [database name]: this link will connect the user to a specific database in our system that provides access to the full-text document.  
  • 2 libraries  Request this item through interlibrary loan: if no other options are presented, the user can request a digital copy of the article using the interlibrary loan system

Google Scholar

Tell Google you're affiliated with Regis and you'll be linked to resources in our library.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Type "Regis University" in the 'Library Links' section and select "Regis University - Full Text @ My Library."
  • Click Save.

Google Scholar