Oxford Scholarship Online FAQ

What is Oxford Scholarship Online?

Oxford Scholarship Online is a collection of academic titles published by Oxford University Press. Regis University Library provides access to a subset of titles within Oxford Scholarship Online, primarily in humanities and social science subject areas.

How can I access Oxford Scholarship Online ebooks?

You can find Oxford Scholarship Online titles in the online catalog, Lumen.  

May I print or download Oxford Scholarship Online ebooks?

Yes. You may download an individual chapter as a PDF. You may print the PDF or print a chapter within your browser. Systematically printing multiple chapters from an ebook violates copyright law and Regis University Library's contract with Oxford Scholarship Online.

Does Oxford Scholarship Online have a citation tool?

Yes, Oxford Scholarship Online allows you to export citation information to an RIS file or generate "preview" citations in APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago styles. 

Is there a way to keep track of books I use frequently?

Yes. By signing up for a free, individual account, you may save specific titles within the Oxford Scholarship Online platform.

Can I read Oxford Scholarship Online ebooks on my mobile device?

Downloaded PDFs of book chapters can be read on devices that support PDFs.


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