ProQuest Ebook Central FAQ

What is the Ebook Central collection?

Ebook Central is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that simplifies ebook workflow for both librarians and patrons. Its goal: liberate libraries from outdated systems by supporting discovery, selection, acquisition, administration, along with real-time usage and expenditure analytics. ProQuest combined EBL and ebrary services to create Ebook Central.

How do I access the Ebook Central collection?

Books through Ebook Central are accessed through the online catalog, Lumen.  Most Ebook Central titles are not identified as such until after you click the Connect to Electronic Book link in the Lumen catalog. You will be required to select Regis University from a list of institutions and enter your RegisNet username and password in order to read the online book. The amount of access to a book can vary. When a title is selected, Ebook Central will tell you how many copies of the book the library has access to.

May I print or download items in the collection?

Ebook Central allows full downloads and chapter downloads. Full downloads can be done on computers, tablets, or phones. To download:

  • Select the "Full Download" link
  • Choose the device you are using
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions (free)
  • Download your book

Full book downloads are limited to 7 days. After this time period, the book will expire on your device. Chapter and page range download is also available and does not expire. There is a limit to the amount of pages available for download, which is indicated on the Availability section of the book. Ebook Central has print allowance for 40% of the book.

Does Ebook Central include a citation tool?

Yes. On the left of the screen, look for the "Cite Book" link. Choose your citation style, and copy and paste the citation into your paper. You can also export the citation to Refworks or EndNote.

Is there a way to keep track of books or chapters I use frequently?

Yes. You may add books to your "Bookshelf", via the Add to Bookshelf link. View books in your collections by clicking the the Bookshelf link at the top of the page. Your Bookshelf tells you which books you've accessed, borrowed, or put in collections. The Bookshelf tab also allows you to view any annotations you've made in books, share a link to a folder, cite the folder, or manage books in your collection.

May I read Ebook Central on my phone or tablet?

Ebook Central is designed with mobile in mind. Access the site from your tablet or phone, and download ebooks for offline reading. For more information about downloads to phones and tablets, visit the Ebook Central guide.

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