Special Collection on Volunteerism

The Special Collection on Volunteerism serves as a depository to collect, preserve, promote and encourage research and study in the field of volunteerism.

The purpose of an endowment for the Special Collection on Volunteerism is to provide permanent funding for the continued advancement of historical preservation and research in the field of volunteerism. This Special Collection of historical and unique materials in volunteerism creates an opportunity to enrich the educational experience of students who learn from library resources, of scholars who create new knowledge from them, and of citizens who turn to them for enlightenment.

We must preserve the historical record accumulated by past generations for use by students and scholars today and in the future. Your contribution will help us build an endowment for the Special Collection on Volunteerism, providing funds for future collection, research and preservation needs.

Regis University wishes to thank you for your interest in supporting the Special Collection on Volunteerism. Gifts from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations are vital to this Special Collection on Volunteerism as we lay the groundwork for the future by preserving the past.

Please consider joining us as we begin to build an Endowment for the Special Collection on Volunteerism.

For more information please contact the Dean of Library:

     Erin McCaffrey, Interim Dean of the Library
     Phone: 303-964-5212

Do you know of research that has been completed addressing any of these topics? Please email your suggestions or research references to the Research & Instruction Department so they can be added.

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