Regis Inclusive Archives Program

COVID Community Response

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has brought unprecedented changes to the Regis community. In March 2020, in compliance with Governor Jared Polis's request and to protect the health of our community, Regis moved to a remote learning format for all courses for the remainder of Spring semester. The majority of staff and faculty began to work remotely and all in-person gatherings and events were canceled for the rest of the semester. Leading into summer months, the virus and the community's response to it continued to unravel, shifting and changing, stirring a range or emotions and lifestyle adaptations in the community.

This project is aimed at capturing and documenting the impact of the coronavirus on the Regis community, as well as our response to the challenges presented by this global crisis. Project contributions will help us -- and future scholars -- understand the social, economic, and organizational effects of the pandemic on the students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Possible contributions might include personal written reflections, signs or works of art you or someone else in your community created, screen shots of social media posts, reflections via spoken words or music, videos or recordings of events, photographs of campus spaces, workout routine modifications, scenes witnessed in the community, home/work-space adjustments...

COVID Community Response Submission Form

What to submit?

Tell us what is like to be the first group of Regis students dealing with a pandemic in 100 years. How are you sustaining your studies and your relationships during this period of social distancing and self-quarantine?

What was it like to suddenly shift to remote instruction and learning?  How has this had an impact on your research and other academic work? Tell us how you have adapted to this change in your work, and in fostering your relationships with colleagues and your students.
Staff, Alumni & Others:
Are you an essential employee who is holding everything together right now? Are you at home juggling caring for your kids with working remotely? How has life changed for you? What has your experience been in your communities—how have things changed?