Regis Inclusive Archives Program

Father Fitzgibbons and Regis's commitment to race and justice principles

Black Lives Matter

With the tragic and senseless killings of black people in the United States, Regis stands by the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for racial justice and equality. Regis University Archives and Special Collections invites community members to submit their stories and responses related to this movement. Project contributions will help future scholars understand the social, political, economic, and organizational effects of systemic racism on students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

Possible contributions might include personal written reflections, protest signs, photographs of demonstrations, works of art you or someone else in your community created, screen shots of social media posts, reflections via spoken words or music, videos or recordings of events or scenes witnessed in the community,…

Black Lives Matter submission form

“A New Racial Profile," by Professor Tony Ortega.

What to submit:

Documentary objects: images, audio, video recordings of events or artifacts such as protests signs and demonstrations.

Personal responses and reflections: written word, oral history, artworks related to your personal experience of the Black Lives Matter movement.