Sociology Research Guide

A guide to sociology research resources available through Regis Library.

Sociology Links

American Sociological Association - The largest U.S. professional organization for sociologists. Includes career information for sociology majors. ASA members have access to the job bank.

International Sociological Association - The goal of the ISA is to represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion, and to advance sociological knowledge throughout the world.

Sociosite - An ongoing project of the University of Amsterdam, this Web portal organizes sociological Web content by subject.

The SocioWeb - Guide to sociological resources on the web.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research - A database of current and historical social science data made available for research and instruction in the social sciences. ICPSR is part of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.

Evaluating Resources

Use this checklist to determine if a source is appropriate:

Authority: Who wrote it? What credentials does s/he have? [PhD, affiliation with university]

Source: Where was it published? How was it selected for publication? [look at submission guidelines for evidence of peer review or other editorial processes]

Currency: When was it published? Has it appeared in other forms with/out revision?

Research: Are other sources cited in a bibliography/reference list? Are foot/endnotes used?

Bias: Is there an objective viewpoint? Is the author making assertions without documentation, or with questionable documentation? [e.g., her/his own work, crackpots]