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Digital Initiatives & Preservation: Welcome

A basic description of key services and collections in the Digital Initiatives & Preservation department.

Contact Information

Hannah Miller
Digital Initiatives & Preservation Librarian

Sean Gruno
Senior Digital Content Specialist

Archives & Special Collections Librarian

Digital Initiatives & Preservation Assistant

Digital Initiatives & Preservation Assistant

About Digital Initiatives & Preservation

Dayton Memorial Library's Digital Initiatives & Preservation Department is a full service media support facility located in DML Room 104. The department also includes physical Archives & Special Collections, as well as the library's digital collections. We encourage you to visit and browse our collection of DVDs, Blu-ray, and other analog and digital formats, as well as for advice on any media related topic.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

Digital Initiatives & Preservation Front Desk: 303-458-4265

Key Services


  • Develops and maintains the library's collection of videos and audio programs
  • Develops and creates digital projects and images for the library's collections
  • Produces and captures live content for the library's collections
  • Distributes the collections to individuals, groups and classes locally and at a distance
  • Digitizes, converts and archives content for library collections and special collections when permissible


  • Staffs and supports the department's circulation and reference desk, the media-specific counterpart to the library's main circulation desk
  • Schedules, supports and maintains the library classrooms, production lab and studio and all related equipment
  • Maintains an inventory of audio and video production and post-production equipment
  • Maintains an inventory of digitization equipment capable of converting the majority of obsolete audio and video formats
  • Maintains and schedules an inventory of equipment for checkout to the Regis community
  • Provides advice, training and equipment for faculty, staff and students attempting to produce original programming
  • Provides advice, training and equipment for faculty, staff and students to digitize existing programming

Digitzation Samples

Glass plate digitization sample