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Sources of Law

U.S. Constitution

United States Constitution 

The Constitution of the United States - A transcription from the National Archives 

Understanding U.S. Constitution - 5 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know

Supremacy Clause (Article VI)

Commerce Clause (U.S. const. art. 1, §8)

Business and the Bill of Rights 


Federal Statutes: U.S. House of Representatives 

Colorado Revised Statutes: Colorado General Assembly 

Colorado General Assembly: Laws

Statutory Rules of Interpretation: Colorado General Assembly by the Office of Legislative Legal Services

To access other state-specific statutes and rules of interpretation, replace “Colorado” with the state of interest and search the internet or NexisUni.   

Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Executive Orders: The Federal Register

Executive Orders: The Federal Register 

Uniform Acts or laws are prepared and sponsored by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, whose members are experienced lawyers, judges, and professors of law generally appointed to the commission by state governors. Uniform acts or laws are adopted, in whole or substantially, by individual states at their option. Uniform laws are intended to promote fairness through the equal operation of standards upon the citizens of all states without distinction or discrimination.  One uniform law,  the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, is a comprehensive law that governs the use, sale, and distribution of Drugs and Narcotics in most states. 

Uniform Acts. (n.d.) West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. (2008). Retrieved July 12 2018 from

See Also, Uniform Laws


Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws

To access other state-specific uniform laws, replace "Colorado" with the state of interest and search the internet. 


Restatements of Law: Restatements are highly regarded distillations of common law. They are prepared by the American Law Institute (ALI), a prestigious organization comprising judges, professors, and lawyers. The ALI's aim is to distill the "black letter law" from cases to indicate trends in common law, and occasionally to recommend what a rule of law should be. In essence, they restate existing common law into a series of principles or rules. 

Harvard Law School Library

Restatements are secondary sources that seek to "restate" the legal rules that constitute the common law in a particular area. 

Georgetown Law

Common Law

Washington University School of Law

Court Structure

Colorado Judicial Branch

Federal Court Structure

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