MGT 6010 The Ethical & Legal Environment of Business


Moral Dilemma of Aggression

Moral Dilemma of Agression

It’s been observed that most humans are competitive beings.  Ask yourself:  why are you at Regis?  You likely want a promotion, a better job, a better standard of living, or you simply want to change the world.  To do so, you recognize that a graduate degree will put you at the head of the line. 

Our democracy affords the opportunity to “get ahead.”  Our capitalistic system thrives on the efforts of those who are smarter, work harder, and who innovate the next great idea.  This society gives trophies to the winners. 

Can pursuit of the trophy be an ethical pursuit in and of itself?  

Modern social Darwinists, and many business people, trust the workings of pure capitalism to weed out the weak companies and ensure “the best” survive.  They are not advocating illegal activity.  They are encouraging and rewarding the competitive pursuit.

When the best and the brightest win, does society?  Many in the corporate world would say, “yes.”  What do you say?