Regis University Library - Departments

Key Services

The staff are dedicated to providing a full range of library services and resources to Regis students and faculty, without regard to their geographic location.

  • Offers extended hours during finals and mid-term weeks.
  • Oversees both in house and electronic reserve systems
  • Oversees the interlibrary loan system
  • Oversees the Prospector system
  • Maintains order of collections and building
  • Supports all library hours
  • Handles all billing related to circulation of library materials



Contact Information

Ali Gomez
Access Services Librarian 
  303.458.4264; x4264

Rene Flores
Library Assistant
  303.458.4030; x4030

Deb Gonzales
Interlibrary Loan Specialist
  303.458.4263; x4263

Christianna Landreth
Library Assistant
  303.458.4030; x4030

Shelby Ostertag
Library Assistant 
  303.458.4030; x4030

Lyn Tran
Library Assistant
  303.458.4030; x4030