Regis University Library - Departments

Key Services

The Digital Initiatives and Preservation Department is responsible for:

  • Archives
  • Special Collections
  • Develops and maintains the library's collection of DVD, Blu-ray, and audio programs, as well as streaming media
  • Develops and creates digital projects and images for the library's collections
  • Produces and captures live content for the library's collections
  • Administer to and maintain the library's digital repositories that collect, preserve, and provide access to the scholarly works of the Regis University academic community
  • Maintain web content for the library, including administering to LibGuides

Services to the University

Members of the Digital Initiatives and Preservation department serve on a variety of university and library committees, including the Collections Committee, Library Diversity Council, Intellectual Property Task Force, and Library Web Committee.

Contact Information

Hannah Miller
Digital Initiatives and Preservation Librarian

University Archivist


Lisa "Dot" Donovan
Digital Content Specialist

Sean Gruno
Senior Digital Content Specialist

Cassidy Nemick
Special Collections and Archives Processing Assistant