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Intended audience and use
The Bibliographer's Guide addresses Collection Development procedures within the Regis University Library. It is intended to serve as an orientation aid for new bibliographers and guide to collection development for both new and experienced bibliographers.

Purpose and need
This guide grew out of specific needs. As the number of degree programs expand at the university, so too does the need for increased materials budgets and staffing. These new demands are not just a matter of increased volume, but also a much greater range of disciplines requiring both specialized subject expertise and technical skills. As the pool of bibliographers increases and new librarians move in and out of these positions, it is imperative that there is a tool to streamline procedures and to ensure continuity and consistency among the bibliographers. This manual is intended to follow and complement the Collection Development Policy that was last revised in 2011. This manual will also direct bibliographers to other appropriate policies and procedures.

This guide is designed to be practical in nature. The manual is an evolving document that will reflect changing practices as new programs, technologies, and joint alliances manifest themselves. The Collections Committee will review the manual annually or when major policy or procedural changes take place.

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