Bibliographer's Guide


The definition of collection development is the process of planning, building, and maintaining a library's information resources in a cost-effective and user-relevant manner.


Collection development in the Regis Library supports the Library mission and the University mission:

The Regis University Libraries, in support of the University mission, are dedicated to serving the Regis community by providing a full range of library services and resources for academic research and personal enrichment.

Secondarily, collection development supports the needs of the local community. Finally, collection development is mindful of the needs of the greater library community as the Regis Library becomes even more involved in shared resources.

Collection Development Librarian

The Collections & Resource Management Librarian serves as the Collection Development Librarian. This person serves as the Chair of the Collections Committee. The Committee is responsible for coordinating budget information, allocating budget resources, and generally managing the Libraries materials budget. The Committee coordinates the efforts of bibliographers and liaisons who do the primary selection of resources.


The activities of collection development include identifying, selecting, acquiring, deselecting, and preserving appropriate materials. It also includes collection management through analysis and evaluation of books, journals, microforms, audio-visual materials and electronic materials and access.

Collections Committee

The Collections Committee is comprised of 5 members: Chair (appointed by the Dean) and 4 faculty representatives (elected by the faculty). The Dean of the Library is ex-officio. The charge includes: determining fund allocations, analyzing collections (print and electronic), and regularly reviewing procedures and policies regarding collection development.