Bibliographer's Guide


  • We are making every effort NOT to cut journal packages or heavily used databases at this time. (Wiley, Springer, Sage Journals, Nature Journals, Taylor&Francis, ScienceDirect, JSTOR, ERIC, etc.)
  • Streaming licenses: we must discontinue purchasing any steaming video licenses at this time. This includes Kanopy streaming licenses.
  • We do have a small fund for faculty book requests. 
  • We are in talks with Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries as well as vendors EBSCO and ProQuest for savings options on subscriptions.

Confirmed Cancellations


  • Art Abstracts
  • Alternative Press Index
  • America: History and Life (will reinstate for FY25)
  • British Periodicals Collection I; British Periodicals Collection II
  • Communication Abstracts
  • Gale Business Rankings Annual 2024
  • Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media 2024
  • Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 2024
  • Historical Abstracts (will reinstate for FY25)
  • Historical Newspapers New York Times
  • Mental measurements yearbook with tests in print
  • Mergent Online
  • NexisUni
  • Springer eBooks Collection
  • Statistical Abstracts Online
  • Value Line Pro Basic Online

Budget Cuts

Resource Savings Notes
Books $40,000.00         This leaves $4,000.00 for faculty requests and the diversity and browsing book funds

EBSCO Journal Renewal

$80,000.00 Pausing our subscriptions; please see titles list below (Regis EBSCO Journal Renewal 2024)
Denver Post  $1,227.00 Cancellation of online and print, NewsBank includes a DP collection
NexisUni $8,100.00 Savings with the cancellation of NexisUni with the addition of NewsBank and HeinOnline
Gale Business Rankings $1,150.00 Cancellation 
Value Line $5,850.00 Cancellation; duplication
Art Abstracts $10,000.00 Cancellation; low usage
LWW Total Access Package $32,132.00 Scaled down package with the most used journals; NEJM included.
American Chemical Society Journals $6,000.00 Scaled down package with the most used journals.
Mergent Online $20,000.00 Cancelled; duplication
ITPro $7,000.00 Cancelled; duplication
British Periodicals $6,000.00 Cancelled; low usage
Stats Abstracts $400.00 Cancelled; low usage
Springer eBooks $10,700.00 Cancelled; access to all editions before 2024 still accessible
Mental measurements yearbook with tests in print $4,500.00 Cancelled; low usage
Communication Abstracts $6,500.00 Cancelled; low usage
Database Increase -$40,000.00 Publisher annual increases; ranges from 3%-9%
Total  $195,059.00 Asked to cut $228,660.00 from collections


Updated Packages

  • American Chemical Society- Switched from All Access Package to Core Plus Package
  • Books 24x7- Cancelled the IT Pro Package; Business Pro and Finance Pro remain

Under Consideration for Cancellation

  • Cambridge University Press Journals
  • University Press Scholarship Online