Bibliographer's Guide

Collection Management

Collection management is the maintenance of materials after they have been added to the collection. This includes withdrawals, transfers from one location to another, replacement and preservation.

  • Withdrawals
    On occasion, it must be determined that a title needs to be withdrawn. Reasons for withdrawal include materials that are badly damaged, out of date and not useful for historical purposes, updated by a newer edition, not appropriate for a university collection, or no longer needed because of curricular changes. Bibliographers must make the withdrawal decision. Bibliographers should look not only at local needs, but also whether the title is owned by another Prospector library (see the "Weeding with the Shared Print Trust" documents for guidance). If a book is badly damaged, the bibliographer will be notified that it is being withdrawn and the bibliographer will need to make a decision to replace with an exact copy or order a suitable replacement.
  • Standing order procedures
    At the time that a standing order is established, a rule must be determined about the prior editions when the newer edition is received. Prior editions may remain in reference, be transferred to oversize or to the stacks, or withdrawn. Since the majority of standing orders are placed in reference, the bibliographer must confer with the Research & Instruction department.
  • Preservation and binding
    Titles that are damaged or worn are sent to the Collections & Resource Management department for mending or binding. Typically, the circulation department is the first to notice worn or damaged materials. If the book can easily be mended, it will be mended. If the title is beyond minor repairs, a determination must be made as to whether the book should be sent out for binding, withdrawn or replaced. These titles will be sent to the bibliographer for this determination.
  • Lost Books

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Weeding with the Shared Print Trust

The Alliance Shared Print Trust is an agreement made between Alliance member libraries to retain print monographs and serials for 25 years. Relying primarily on bibliographer’s judgement, materials will be retained, made available, and kept in good condition for the next quarter century. Below are documents for how bibliographer’s will assess and determine which print materials should be weeded or kept.