Ignatian Resources

A bibliography of Ignatian resources for student, faculty, and staff of the university

Jesuit Apostolates (Works)

For those who are not familiar with the structure of the Catholic Church, you may know the basic structure of a parish, which is part of a diocese (region). The parish normally has a pastor in charge who reports to the bishop of the diocese. The boundaries of a diocese may be a state or part of a state. In any case, the boundaries and structures of the diocesan model of the church are geographical. When it comes to various works of the church, this diocesan model breaks down. Schools, hospitals, retreat houses and missions often don’t fit geographic boundaries. The church sometimes breaks down according to works, where a religious order (group of sisters, brothers or priests) are dedicated to a specific task or charism. While many believe that the Jesuits are only a teaching order that is not true. The Jesuits are involved in many different types of works, all based on Ignatius’ desire to simply help souls. In the Denver area alone we have a university, 2 high schools, a parish, retreat house and other associated works. What kinds of works? The following will not be exhaustive, but may be of interest to you.