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Finding God in All Things

The Ignatian Way presentations offer us a perspective on God and faith that is particular to St. Ignatius and his followers. But it is not exclusive. Many of the beautiful images we see in the presentations might be considered appropriate to a Franciscan Spirituality or even a Religious Naturalism. Yet finding God in all things is not just finding God in the beautiful or the majestic. Finding God in all things would recognize with wonder and awe the grace of a set of crayon swirls done is landscape on a refrigerator door. After the presentation, see if there are now new places where you might look to find God? 

Reflections - Finding God in All Things

“Where do I find God?”

  1.  We think of God as big so we look for God in the big—miracles, peak moments, spectacular displays. Ignatian spirituality also finds God in the moments of everyday life.
  2. While it seems that God is hidden in the ordinariness of everyday life, Ignatian spirituality helps us to have a sensitivity to God’s presence and God’s grace even in the small matters of life.
  3. We find God in the hard and painful things as well.
  4. If we can find God in all times and spaces, then we can encounter God in prayer in all these places as well.
  5. God can also be found in one another, in the image of the Creator of which we are made—especially in compassion, joy, hope, love and mercy